Welcome to Piper Cottage self catering holiday accommodation. The cottage is a tastefully restored old farm cottage, and is the original Palatine homestead of the Piper (Pfeiffer) family, who in 1709, settled in Ireland as one of several hundred Palatine families from the Rhineland Palatinate (Rheinland Pfalz) region of South West Germany. 

The cottage is an Irish Tourist Board approved (
3 star) accommodation, and is located in a peaceful rural setting on the original Palatine colony of Killeheen. Piper Cottage features its traditional front garden with original stone pier entrance. The grounds include a Palatine well, some of the original stone farm houses and mature trees. The old Palatine settlement laneway, which is over one mile in length, makes an enjoyable walkway. 

Piper Cottage presents a unique opportunity for those of Irish Palatine Ancestry to holiday on the parent Palatine colony of Killeheen.
irish palatine holiday cottage